“They asked me who are we”

And I thought about answering by citing a cultured, literate person, a friend, who says: “Well, we are the children of men who hid their ideals in what they were doing…

……the desire for happiness in their lives, that of their family and the world” and added “That is who we are, people who work thinking of the common good, starting with the person closest to us, to those who enter into a relationship with the company, and even more to those who use our products and those who approach us for the first time with their curiosity.

For this reason, the company holds a social value that is as important as its economic value and leads us to engage in behavior guided by the principles of responsibility, constituting careful management with a broad perspective, and attention to the growth of the person, perceived as an individual. It is this ideal tension that sustains us and on a daily basis helps us in our commitments, and gives us the courage and determination to face the opportunities of our time.

Each of our products is formulated specifically for the maintenance of a particular physiological function of the body.

What we do

We are a company that develops and manufactures dietary supplements, foods for special medical purposes and medical devices based on quality criteria.
Each of our products is formulated specifically for the maintenance of a particular physiological function of the body. Our interest is focused on the science of nutrition and functional diet with particular attention to children’s health.

Buona, in fact, is a line of products developed and manufactured for children and their well-being, and is based on simple and basic rules:

  • It consists of simple combinations, with only a few ingredients. In the case of herbal medicine, the active ingredients used are titrated and standardized.
  • When important, the doses are defined by age or by weight.
  • Buona products are designed to be suitable for children, and particular attention is paid to how they are administered and how they taste.

Our products

BUONA (which means good in Italian) products have this name because they are “made well”. The active ingredients are always of the highest quality and good manufacturing process rules are adopted with control procedures all along the production chain.

“Buona, well-being for the child” is our way of seeing the world of childhood, being aware that in order for you to raise your child in the best possible way, it is important to be educated with a focus on an active lifestyle, a healthy diet, and respect for the environment.

Buona is committed to voluntarily following a set of rules for the management of its company because it wants to help deliver a better world to the children of today, the adults of tomorrow.

Buona Rules

We are small but we make an effort to grow in the berst way

+ 30%. Despite being a new company, we are growing quickly, always ready to seize better opportunities in Italy and abroad.

We have a lot of imagination, but we are very practical when it comes to our products

Creativity is our strength. But we never lose sight of our primary objective: making quality products.

For us, pink is not just a color

More than 60% of the people who work with us are women and almost all of them are mothers. This also helps us to communicate with our audience.

We are young, but we respect experience

The average age of our employees is 36, but we give great weight to the experience of those who are more mature.