Nebial 3% Nasal Spray


No added preservatives

Hypertonic saline solution with hyaluronic acid, unblocks stuffy noses


Unweaned infants: 1 application per nostril 1-2 times a day
Children: 1-3 applications per nostril 2-3 times a day
Adults: 2-4 applications per nostril 3-4 times a day.


100 ml container

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Nebial 3% Nasal Spray is a medical device
Read the instructions and warnings carefully.

AUT. MIN. 27/09/2016


NEBIAL 3% is a nasal spray of hypertonic saline solution at 3% ,with the addition of hyaluronic acid.
NEBIAL 3% has a decongestant action on the nasal mucosa in addition to a fluidising effect on the mucus.
It helps the drainage of secretions and is therefore useful for keeping the nasal passages clean, especially in the case of colds, allergic rhinitis, rhinosinusitis and sinusitis.
Generally unblocks noses, improving breathing.
The solution is sprayed from the specific device (BOV [Bag on Valve] canister) using a paediatric applicator.


The 100 ml can of hypertonic 3% solution contains: sodium chloride, sodium hyaluronate.

NEBIAL 3% does not contain preservatives, thus reducing the chance of allergic reactions.

How to use

To use Nebial 3% correctly:

  • Remove the protective cap from the top of the canister and fit the special dispenser;
  • holding the head cocked to one side (never backward), gently insert the anatomic dispenser into the upper part of the nostril.
    NEBIAL 3% may however be dispensed from any position;
  • press the dispenser for a few seconds to release the product;
  • after turning the head to the other side, repeat the procedure in the other nostril;
  • rinse the nozzle under running water before replacing the NEBIAL 3%.

The special Nebial 3% BOV canister however allows the solution to be dispensed from any position.

The substances contained in NEBIAL 3% also allow for repeated use.

It may be used on children under one year of age if the doctor has advised it.


Why use a hypertonic solution?

  • It has a salt concentration higher than that of our own cells
  • When in contact with mucous membranes, it therefore draws in liquid
  • Soothes irritated mucous

Why hyaluronic acid?

  • It adheres to the mucosal surface and, by physiologically holding back water, it forms a protective film that provides relief to the irritated mucous
  • The presence of hyaluronic acid of high molecular weight makes NEBIAL 3% particularly suitable for use in children
  • Hyaluronic acid is a substance naturally produced by the body, which has the task of maintaining tissue hydration; when in contact with the mucous membranes, it draws away liquid by osmosis, thus decongesting them
  • It promotes the wetting of the nasal passages


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