Simbiosistem sachets


Does not contain gluten or lactose

A connection between Lactic Ferments and Inulina, useful in maintaining a balanced intestinal flora.


INFANTS from 0 up to 1 year old: 1 sachet per day
CHILDREN over 1 year and adults: 2 sachets per day.


20 sachets of 2g.

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Simbiosistem is a food supplement based on Probiotics (milk enzymes) and Prebiotics (fibres) that are useful in the case of constipation, dysbiosis caused by an incorrect diet or a change in the intestinal flora after a treatment of antibiotics. Probiotics and prebiotics form a “symbiosis”, an effective system that simultaneously supplies the organism with lactic ferments and their specific nourishment. This combination has an advantage over just administering lactic ferments because prebiotics assist intestinal settlement with all the associated benefits.
An entire dose of Simbiosistem (corresponding to 2 sachets) contains:

  • 20 billion live Lactobacillus (Lattobacillus acidophilus and Lattobacillus plantarum), essential lactic ferments to maintain a balanced intestinal bacterial flora, which is often compromised by constipation and poor eating habits.
  • 2 grams of Fibre (BENEO®, inulin from chicory and oligofructose), which contributes to maintaining the intestinal physiological function, thus enhancing intestinal activity and reducing transit times.


BENEO®, synergy 1 (a mixture of inulin and oligofructose); Lactobacillus acidophilus La-14; Lactobacillus plantarum Lp-115; Fructose; Flavour: vanilla.
Simbiosistem does not contain gluten or lactose.

Each sachet of Simbiosistem contains:

  • 1 g of BENEO® (inulin from chicory and oligofructose).
  • 10 billion lactic ferments.

How to use

Use Simbiosistem by observing the recommended dosages:

  • Infants from 0 to 1 year old: 1 sachet per day.
  • Children over 1 year and adults: 2 sachets per day taken together.

Dissolve the sachet contents in a glass of water, milk, fruit juice or other drink, as long as it is not warm.
To enhance the nutritional properties of Simbiosistem, it is best taken at breakfast or as an afternoon snack, possibly dissolved in a glass of semi-skimmed milk to have a pleasant vanilla-flavoured drink with only 65 Kcal, or added to a jar of low-fat yoghurt : it sweetens and flavours it with a total energy value of approximately 55 Kcal.


Regular taking the ingredients found in Simbiosistem can regulate mobility and intestinal transit and can improve intestinal metabolism.
Re-balancing intestinal flora also strengthens the organism’s natural defences. Bifidobacteria – or, rather, good bacteria found in intestinal flora – carry out essential functions for the health and activation of the immune system.
Clinical data shows that BENEO® acts positively on bifidobacteria and thus protects the delicate equilibrium of the intestine. Moreover, scientific research shows that BENEO™ stimulates these “good” bacteria in a selective way, thus strengthening the organism’s natural defences.

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