We exist to love. We exist to make ourselves and our surroundings better.

Buona, love, for love, for love...

Our goal is to offer love to every mother, because only if mothers are loved can they love their babies.

The values that guide our commitment.

Love, common good, and science define who we are and are reflected in every product we create, representing our passion to bring love to every mother and contribute to the well-being of families.

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Love is 'the only thing that will always save us': At Buona it is not only the goal to be achieved but also a tool to wield on a daily basis

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Common good

At Buona we work, day after day, thinking of doing our best for the good of others, because this is bound to come back to us as well

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Buona has always aimed at the well-being of children, of mothers and their future and does so through a rigorous and scientific approach

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Why Buona exists

To give love to mothers and their babies, promoting the well-being of the whole family with high-quality products based on solid scientific evidence.

“When I think of Buona, I get emotional. I tear up, my voice cracks and I become a child again. I have a small picture from when I was a child. I see the eyes of a child, they look sad and perhaps they were. I realised that those eyes wanted to be happy. I wanted to be happy but didn’t know how. I waited for years, many years, for that happiness to arrive without ever ceasing to pursue it, to desire it, always remaining a child at heart. That is why I could not find anything better than to call you a great love story. You were born with me and you grew up with me, I called you Buona and today you are beautiful."

Stefano Cioni Chairman

“We exist to love. We exist to make ourselves and our surroundings better. Along our journey, we sometimes do exactly the opposite. Because we are wonderfully human. But what sets us apart is our desire to try again, again and again.” Forever.

Diletta Cioni CEO

“Buona is a child who wants to grow up and discover the World. She looks at it with eyes full of the wonder and the yearning of someone who is discovering something new for the first time. This is what we do: we nurture the desire of every child to discover his or her own tomorrow, to grow up and become an adult. And we do it with the only ingredient we really need: love, love for what we do, love for the people we do it for, love for the beauty of doing things with love.”

Edoardo Cioni CEO

What does Buona do

We design, develop and market products for children’s wellbeing

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Buona for sustainability

Love, science and the common good, our identifying guiding principles that have been our beacon since the onset, are now applied in our charter. Being sustainable is a normal consequence of the way we operate.

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For over 20 years we have been supporting families

Ours is a story of shared passion and high quality products born of the combination of scientific research and a deeply-rooted family tradition.

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