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Love, science and the common good, our identifying principles that have been our beacon since the onset, are now applied in our charter. Being sustainable is a normal consequence of the way we operate.

What is a Benefit Company

Benefit companies reflect the US Bcorp model and, in addition to profit, they also pursue other purposes of common benefit and operate in a sustainable, responsible and transparent manner. Italy was the first in Europe to introduce this business model into the legal system in 2016 and to date it has more than 1000 Benefit Companies.


What does it mean to be a Benefit Company

As a Benefit Company, Buona’s articles of association include the specific objectives of common benefit that we intend to pursue in the corporate purpose. Every year, the company is obliged to publish an impact report showing what has been done to achieve the objectives of common benefit. The Benefit Company is an evolution of the company concept that provides protection and advantages to all stakeholders and increases the long-term value of the company.

Our articles of association

With the aim of acting responsibly, sustainably and transparently towards the environment, people and communities, Buona is committed to the following specific aims of common benefit:

Contributing to the well-being of the individual

Contributing to the well-being of the individual

Promoting the well-being and satisfaction of its employees through the enhancement of talent, the protection of diversity and the recognition of equal opportunities. Establishing and preserving relations with stakeholders based on trust and constant and constructive dialogue, in order to guarantee the best products and services to its customers.

Our commitment to corporate welfare is based on parental leave, remote working, food benefits and training courses. We are convinced that investing in the health, well-being and development of our employees is an added value for the company itself, creating a fulfilling, motivating and inclusive work environment.

Emphasising innovation and quality

Emphasising innovation and quality

Promoting and supporting scientific research and innovation, actively collaborating with universities and research centres, as well as ensuring continuous and proactive monitoring throughout the production chain to guarantee customers products of the highest quality and safety standards.

We actively collaborate with internationally renowned Italian universities with the aim of verifying and validating the special features of Buona products. We have successfully conducted 8 clinical studies, registered 6 patents and completed 14 Research and Development projects.

Promoting a responsible and sustainable business

Promoting a responsible and sustainable business

Preserving the environment, minimising negative environmental impacts and amplifying the positive ones, favouring domestic production.

All of our products are exclusively Made in Italy. We prefer domestic suppliers because for us, short supply chain is synonymous with quality and safety. For our BBmilk we have chosen to only use fresh milk from Italian organic farms, choosing the organic certification allows us to reduce the environmental impact and maintain soil fertility, biodiversity improves the environment and it improves the nutritional quality of our products.


Buona is a good choice for your child.

Buona’s mission is to offer love to every mother, because only if mothers are loved can they love their babies.

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Ours is a story of shared passion and high quality products born of the combination of scientific research and a deeply-rooted family tradition.

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